From pre-punk anthems to streetwise social commentary to timeless pop, Craig’s career as a musician/singer/songwriter now spans four decades and a long list of bands. Craig’s catalog of recordings is impressive: albums by Mirrors and Rocket From the Tombs; two singles with Saucers, (1979—1980); songs by Saucers and the Plan on the compilation LP It Happened But Nobody Noticed (1982, reissued on CD 2008); a single by The Plan (1983); the Bell System’s “America Now” (on the radio-station-only SCREAM promo LP in 1985); What We Did, a 2002 CD of Saucers studio recordings released by Grand Theft Audio of Los Angeles; a CD EP Second Saucer (2009), a reunion of members of Saucers; as well as a CD (America Now), CD EP (Beehunter), and two singles by the Down-fi (2008— ). But there was still more unreleased material in the archives, some of which finally sees the light of day on aka Darwin Layne, to be released by ever/never Records on September 9. Some of these (among other original songs) he is currently taking on the road. Don’t miss this rare chance to see and hear a living legend.

Check out Cleveland band Goldmines –


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