Sat April 22 – J@K@L


J@K@L is an improvised collaboration between reeds-wailer Keefe Jackson, infinitely-brachiated percussionist Julian Kirshner, and anti-cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm. Their 60-minute release Static Adieu features the trio at its receptive nexus, signaling, receiving, and storing vibrations in accord with each other. Hectic and somber, J@K@L removes the recording process away from the recording studio and into Chicago’s 4 a.m. bars, perplexing the stumbling masses with their tonal olympics. They perform feats never seen before, and then, a fourth––Michaël Attias–– joins them on the scene. J@K@L flies across the surfaces of their instruments and coalesces in the air as a cathartic reveille. Bountiful and confounding, there are no longer genres being broken but the forms of play and collaboration in the jazz realm.

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