June 21 – Devils Cut

THE DEVIL’S CUT weave true tales of their beloved home, Lansing, Michigan, being overtaken by outside forces: the nickel-and-dimers, factory farmers, violence, death, and greed, the guy that appears better for the girl and steals her away. They wear tour shirts that say “Fuck Monsanto.” They drink Old Crow. And when they play “Caroline,” they shout “we drink Crow,” and everyone yells with a release of rage and drunken dignity “OLD CROW!” You feel a part of something. Something old, new, long standing.
They also write with glaring clarity about how we as people change, over time, when we move, when we age, when addiction strikes, when we fall in and out of love, when we try to fix something too broken, when we lose the people that matter to circumstances far beyond our control. It is true American folk poetry set to a sound that makes you want to mosh the shit out of your body.

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