JULY 16 – Matchesse, TALsounds, & BÉBÉ

On a tour out west with their respective solo projects (Matchess and Gel Set) in July 2015, Whitney and Laura experienced a paranormal visitation at the Howdy Hotel in Forsyth, Montana, which preceded a series of tour disasters. Faced with numerous unplanned cancellations, car trouble, and days off, they used their excessive free time to record on the road, spawning Simulation. Unsure whether their paranormal experience was of the ghost or alien variety, each song contains an EVP sample of a ghost recording and a hidden message or code to outer space.

Natalie Chami adopted the TALsounds moniker in 2009 for her solo explorations in the drone, ambient, and electro-acoustic improv disciplines. In live performance, Chami’s analog synthesizers weave together into drifting loops that evolve in tandem with her vocal leads and choral harmonies. Her meditative sessions stretch into hypnotizing depths of stream-of-consciousness multi-instrumental input, sinking into expanses of infinite sustain and cresting into bursts of noise from an arsenal of oscillators and effects pedals. As a member of free music trio Good Willsmith, she has toured the country and released eight albums since 2012, including the LPs The Honeymoon Workbook (2014) and Things Our Bodies Used To Have (2016) on Mexico City-based label Umor Rex. Chami performs as half of ambient duo l’eternebre, and co-founded the experimental collective/netlabel Screaming Claws. She was born in Ontario and lives in Chicago.

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