JAN 12 – Stonecutters, The Mound Builders

MOM&POP PRODUCTIONS WELCOMES BACK The Mound Builders. Sonically and alphabetically, the self proclaimed “River Sludge” band, fit somewhere between Motorhead and Mountain. Their music circumnavigates their four favorite cardinal points on the musical compass: Doom, Stoner, Metal, and Punk. Hailing from Lafayette Indiana, The Mound Builders are inspired by life in the Midwest, ancient history, and the mysteries of the cosmos.



Stonecutters is led by Vocalist/Guitarist Brian Omer a veteran in the Louisville Metal & Hardcore scene. Playing with Louisville natives My Own Victim who issued four albums out on Century Media and did several tours across Europe and United States. From the ashes of MOV Brian Omer put together Stonecutters with 3 other like minded musicians, which illustrates punishing, brutal, beautiful, soothing, and primal music for these uncertain and turbulent times. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Death, Neurosis, Motorhead, Sick Of It All & early Metallica; Stonecutters illustrates a mixture of these influences all rolled up into a very unique format containing brutal riffs, haunting acoustics, blistering solos, passionate lyrics with substance and a high energy live show. 


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