FEB 15 – Matchbox Studios Presents 645

Matchbox Studios presents a night celebrating the human experience and local creative spirits

At 645, presenters share their stories in just 6 minutes and 45 seconds.
Our first presentation is from Ilana Stonebraker. A year ago long time friends Wendy and Ilana started a vaguely romance, vaguely fantasy themed two person book club, Getting Lit. Book themed cocktails, rants about romance tropes (It’s not creepy if he’s sexy), feminist readings, special guest stars, bodice rippers, vampires, dukes, robots who love, and more. You can check out the podcast on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/getting-lit/id1245473915
Our featured cocktail is the Dearest Madeline, inspired by Tender Wings of Desire: A Colonel Sanders Novella
Matt Wallace will be talking with us about Thinking with Timelines. Studying history and the history of thought gets pretty overwhelming pretty fast. Trying to make sense of antiquity to the present with graphic timelines has been an almost decade-long project for Matt Wallace. You can check out his timelines of philosophy and theology here: http://www.wausonline.com/?page_id=31
Next, Morris Dubose will share his theory: All we are is story. With the use of autobiographical tales I will discuss how the way we tell the stories of our lives shapes the people we are and we become.
We end the evening with a deep dive into Weaving Rhythms with the members of circAfrique. The group will share how West African percussion rhythms weave
complex patterns from simple acoustic threads. You can find out more about the group here: https://www.facebook.com/circAfrique/

This event is free to the public and starts @ 6:45 PM

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