Jun 17 – A&A Taste of Class Patio Afterparty

“The use of tea as a metaphor is an unlikely one in hip hop, but for these guys, it works well in its abstract simplicity. The most pertinent example here: The longer you steep the brew, the stronger the resulting beverage will be. On their first full length, this duo proves that they have certainly taken their time, yielding a sound that is dense and mellow, with very little filler. While trends in hip hop continue to lean towards the use of multiple producers to fill an album, it has become a rare treat to hear a record that relies on one beatsmith. Instead of what seems like a collection of singles, you get the cohesion of a real album, with each track retaining its own identity but also being distinctly branded with the mark of its maker. Atarilogic knows this all too well, and he skillfully uses his command and vision to his advantage. Taking a true school sound and beefing it up when need be, his tracks flow seamlessly in and out of one another, blending soul with hints of jazz and funk. The beats hit hard, but also know when to lay back and ride a groove, giving the cut a chance to find its flow. It’s a perfect compliment for Alaska’s vocal style, which takes the same approach, making his complex streetwise sparring sessions seem effortless. While this record will no doubt appeal to the real hip hop heads, it’s a sure shot for any fan of intelligent music who’s looking for songs to spin again and again.”

— Brad @ CDBaby

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